Ten long-sleeved dresses for the fall must look full of instant temperament

The autumn that gradually cools down, the temperament that you want to wear is full, and you can’t be cold to yourself. The long-sleeved dress is a good choice. It can show feminine femininity and temperature. Xiaobian carefully picks up ten. Long-sleeved dress, the upper body is full of temperament, let’s take a look.

Red pattern fishtail skirt

long-sleeved dress

This dress can be said to be not picking people, the loose A-line version, the upper body cover the meat is very thin, regardless of high and thin fat wear it is good. The non-elastic fabric feels soft and smooth, with a lustrous texture under the light. Dangling +1, the visual effect is slim, and the unlined skirt adds a layer of slightly wavy curling edge, a little girly.

Black loose floral skirt

long-sleeved dress

Both elegant and formal temperament, everyday wear is also a fashionable item. The craft of heavy work uses two kinds of folds with different widths on the skirt. The lines are smooth and agile. The irregular hem can better modify the lines of the calf, and it is even thinner. Create a flowing feel with a fishtail skirt.

Pink elegant shirt dress

long-sleeved dress

It’s time to come to a long skirt with a simple temperament and no loss of features. The non-elastic fabric is thicker than the thin chiffon in summer. The style is a bit like the shape of the doll skirt. The upper body is full of drape, the small buttons of the same color, and the two cuffs are the perfect points of the vertical buckle. Simple yet high-waist design, slim college style.

Waist retro small plaid dress

long-sleeved dress

French retro dress, retro small plaid is very eye-catching. There is no limit to the body for a variety of body shape, slimming preferred, light and non-elastic slippery fabric is a skin-friendly clear and cool touch. The same color has a fixed waistband at the waist, and the waist and the hem become the A-line umbilical skirt, showing the perfect waistline, and the shape is also very feminine! The meat is thin and the upper body exudes an elegant atmosphere!

Pure color waist small suit skirt

long-sleeved dress

The design of the suit skirt is really beautiful! The design of the half-shoulder is not wide-shouldered, it can be well-modified shoulders! The shoulders and shoulders are good to wear, the slimming is thin and the important thing is said three times! The color is very gentle and very skin-lined, think If you want to be tall in your skirt, this is really the best choice!

Doll collar dress

long-sleeved dress

This is really a temperament black and white doll collar skirt, it looks clean and refreshing. Give people a feeling of embarrassment. The chest opening just reveals the clavicle with a little sexy, while at the same time it has the effect of extending the neckline and modifying the face. The inside is reinforced with a thin and smooth polyester lining that will not go out.

Green polka dot temperament dress

long-sleeved dress

The thin chiffon texture has its own sense of fluttering, and the skirt is divided into the chest, which is equivalent to the lengthening of the leg without the restriction of the waistline. At the same time, it also increases the detail of the skirt. The version of the model, the micro-A skirt can be said to be a figure. The length of the long section just covers the thigh. This single or inner set is OK, and the sunscreen shirt and air conditioner can be taken outside.

White lady cake skirt

long-sleeved dress

The white lady’s cake skirt is not exaggerated for everyday wear. The inside is made of lining, it is not easy to get out of the light, and the style of the half-cooked girl will not be too naive or old-fashioned. The version of the cake skirt is very popular this year. It comes with a casual and elegant feel.

Teenage style dress

long-sleeved dress

The dress version is not based on the basics, and the style of the sweater is full of hearts. Simple but not simple, the fabric texture is always gray, the skirt also has a white lining, will not go out of light, the details of the poke in the girl’s heart can be equipped with a college wind thin waistband to highlight the waist.

Black college wind strap dress

long-sleeved dress

Bib pants may have a lot in your closet, there will always be a lack of _ on such a strap dress! Straight version of the body is unlimited and tolerant, let you feel skin-friendly, breathable, not wrinkle, drape full of feeling! The scottish pattern comes with a retro-inspired upper body that is hard to wear! It is a good match for shirts and T-shirts.

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